10 of the Coolest Tea Bags you’ll ever see

04/27/2015 • Art & Design

If you’re a tea lover than you’re probably getting tired of dipping the same old tea bags in that hot water every night. Maybe it’s about time you upgrade to something a bit cooler? Not really cool, were still thinking about tea bags here but tea bags that look a little bit cooler than the regular ones.

So here they are some of the coolest tea bags you’ll ever see!

teastar tea bags held together like a star

Creative way to package different types of tea together, pull of a bag and start sippin. (source)


tea forte tea bags triangle

Tea Forté makes these beautiful triangels of tea, each bag has a small leaf attached to it’s top, it’s all in the details.


printed tea bags that change it looks


These tea bags made for BOH doesn’t even contain any tea, the tea is printed on to the bag with two different designs. The idea is that the first image represent your mood before having tea and when you add the bag to hot water another image is hidden and let you “see” your mood once you’re having your tea. Read more on this cool project here.


clothes hanger tea bags


These clever Hanger Teas have been seen all over the Internet for a while now, but it is simply to good looking to leave out, so simple and clever.


moustache tea bag packaging


This simple idea of making the tea bags a bit more fun is a great one, and proof that you don’t always have to change everything to make a big difference. The moustaches also holds the bag steady on the side of the tea cup while drinking. If you’re into the moustach designs you should also check out our post on moustache food packaging, do it now.


tea bags packaged in tea


Not sure if this one have actually been made or if it just a great idea, tea wrapped in the remains of a leaf, so basically tea wrapped in tea.


bigelow tea bags


Christine Kang from New York have made this bird themed design for Bigelow Teas, lovely little bird cage that holds the bags and a small bird to hold each bag.


audrey hepburn tea bag


Audrey Hepburn having a relaxing bath in tea, this idea have been made with celebreties from all over the world, from roayal families to pop icons and even Mr T.


fish tea bag

A gold fish tea bag, looks cute and a bit disturbing at the same time.


christmas tea bag


This is a design for a Christmas tea, first you’ll see one christmas tree and then you can break it in half and share a cup of tea with someone special, or just have two cups by yourself.


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3 Responses to 10 of the Coolest Tea Bags you’ll ever see

  1. Rick Dekkard says:

    Hi. Love the post. You should know that a company in Richmond, BC Canada has ripped it off, almost verbatim. You can find it here:

    Just thought you should know.

  2. ateriet says:

    Thanks Rick! I guess if we are being ripped off then we’re doing something right. Thanks for the info.

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