20 Food Themed Skateboards – A Skate decks for food lovers list

Food skateboard

08/18/2015 • Art & Design

I couldn’t hold back any longer, as a former (crappy) skater turned food obsessive it was only a matter of time before this skate decks for food lovers list was going to be made. So get inspired with 20 Food Themed Skateboards – A Skate decks for food lovers list.

Food skateboard Popeye on yellow background

Lets start out strong with this Popeye Skateboard of this cartoon getting his lunch burger. (source)


Food skateboard, Hot Dog skateboard graphics

And there is nothing wrong with a simple hot dog on this 80’s looking deck. (source)


Food skateboard

Soda that are heavy on the coloring getting poured in a styrofoam cup, looks cool. (source)


Food skateboard popsicle ice cream skateboard graphics

Ice cream skateboard. (source)


Food skateboard, street mafia skateboard with a hotdog

Street Mafia Hot Dog Skateboard. Different style than the previous hot dog skateboard but not worse. (source)


Food skateboard, Hot Sauce skateboard for Chocolate skateboards

Kenny Anderson’s Hot Sauce for Chocolate Skateboards. This was part of a full hot series that Chocolate did a while back. (source)


Food skateboard, Skateboard Sriracha Graphics

Sriracha skateboard. Well there is a Sriracha everything so we might as well get a skateboard as well. (source)


Food skateboard

There isn’t any food on these ones but since I always loved the Chocolate logo font and it is called Chocolate I’m gonna let this one in on the list anyway. The design is made by Paul Hutchinson. (source)


Skate decks for food lovers list

Not rideable but since it is supporting farmers and looks great it had to be on the list. (source)


Skate decks for food lovers list

Willy Santos food skateboard got some cool vegetables on it. Made by Birdhouse Skateboards. (source)


Skate decks for food lovers list

And Birdhouse also made this cool toast board for the signature Ben Raybourn deck. (source)


Skate decks for food lovers list
These are more for art than for skateboarding, they are a bit pricy. Designed by Paul McCarthy. (source)


Skate decks for food lovers list

Junk Food Skateboards, these felt a bit obvious, but hey. It’s a food themed skateboard list. (source)


Food Themed Skateboards

Food, by Birdhouse. (source)


Food Themed Skateboards, cereal and popcorn graphics on skateboards

Popcorn, popsicle and Coco Pops. (source)


Food Themed Skateboards, Skateboards sushi graphics

I love this Sushi skateboard design made by Fakir Design in Paris, France. (source)


Mr T Skateboard decks

We are always fans of MrT. (source)


Beer Skateboards, Colt 45, Schlitz, Pabst Blue Ribbon Skateboard

Skateboard for beer lovers, any one of these for my upcoming birthday and I’m happy. (source)


Food Themed Skateboards, Sandwich skateboards Raw

Sandwich skateboard designs, almost makes me hungry. (source)


Food Themed Skateboards, Santa Cruz Skate Deck with burger

This amazing mega burger design for Santa Cruz Skateboards looks amazing. (source)

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