Coca-Cola Christmas Commercials from all over the world

coca-cola christmas ad

12/25/2015 • Ads

Watch these foreign Coca-Cola Christmas Commercials.

Coca-cola has a tradition of creating great christmas commercials and of using Santa Claus in their commercials ever since the 1930’s. Coca-cola markets itself in more or less the same way all over the world during christmas, in the countries who celebrate christmas that is. But you rarely get to see commercials not intended for you, unless you’re spending christmas abroad.

But Äteriet have the solution for that, below are a few Coca-cola christmas commercials not intended for you, Merry Christmas!

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  1. […] I have a special love for commercials, at least when you get to choose which ones and when to watch. One fun part about commercials is that it’s not that common that the same commercial is aired all over the world. So if you see an ad for a brand in your country it is very likely that the ad is only shown in your country or region. But thanks to Youtube you can search out ads for your favorite brand and see how it is marketed in other countries. We have done that before here a few times like in this collection of Coca-Cola commercials from all … […]

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