IKEA Mocks Instagram in this hilarious ad that wants you to relax

08/04/2016 • Ads

Watch how IKEA mocks Instagram and foodies in this hilarious ad. It also shows how Instagram would have worked back in the day.

IKEA mocks instagram in this great short ad. The idea is simple. Sometime during what I’m guessing is the 17th century a family is about to have a meal. Naturally this involves fruits, birds and all sorts of food displayed at a huge table. The idea wouldn’t work too well if it was poor people eating I guess. One of the children reaches for a fruit when the man suddenly stops her. Calls in a painter to paint a beautiful picture of the fully set dining table.

Once the painting gets a thumbs up by the man it goes on tour. A set of servers rushes through the nation to show the painting and see if it gets a thumb up or not. After showing it in numerous places they return and delivers a thumbs up to the now very hungry family. Time to eat, it’s approved!

Then we quickly switch to modern day life and we see a man leaned over a family meal shooting away with his phone. The text says; It’s a meal. Not a competition. Let’s relax. Well spoken IKEA.

IKEA have followed this fun video with a series of short clips called kitchen confessions, check those out here.

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