Raw Juice Packaging Design – Why They All Look The Same

Raw Juice Packaging Design - Why They All Look The Same

01/03/2017 • Packaging

Today we take a closer look at some Raw Juice Packaging Design and try to figure out why they all look the same.

Raw Juice Packaging Design often look great, fresh glass or plastic bottles packed with fresh raw juice with beautiful colors. But they more or less all look the same.

This is the same problem that you can see with cold brew coffee that I previously highlighted as a design problem here at Ateriet. Read about that here.

How the design looks

There are of course some things that make the raw juice packaging designs look slightly different from each other but not much. The things making them look alike is far more. Here are the main things.

The Juice is the color – The juices all come in transparent packagings, either glass or clear plastic.

White label or printed bottle – The color of the label or the text is almost always white for some reason. Probably so the same bottle and color can be used for any type of juice.

It says something about health – They all want to show how good they are for you. It’s clean, raw, fresh, natural, cleaning or something like that.

Why do they all look the same?

This is of course up to anyone to be guessed but here is what I think. First it makes sense to show the juice. That is the product and showing the beautiful colors is a sure way to make us crave juice.

Since most of these juices are marketed as fresh products you want to make it feel healthy and fresh. White colors clearly states that, and it works with any type of juice color. Black text wouldn’t work great with juices of darker color.

Most of these companies are startups or small individual juice shops. So it makes sense to go for a simple packaging that works. Since many of the juices are sold at the juiceries you don’t always have to provide as much product information either. This cuts down on what information is required.

It all started somewhere

Lastly like most trends this started somewhere, most likely in Los Angeles. Once people see a trend that works it will be followed by copycats. Taking inspiration in design and packaging from something that already works is just a thing that often works. Especially these times when you can see new design online every day.

For more great juice packaging you can check out some other designs here.


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