20 Champagne Bottle Designs Perfect For Any Occasion

Champagne bottle designs, we have rounded up the 20 best looking champagne bottles around. Get inspired by these 20 Champagne bottle designs.

Champagne is always a luxury and no matter if you’re giving it away or buying a bottle of this luxurious drink you want the bottle to look great. Through the years there have been some great examples of great champagne bottle designs that really stand out of the ordinary.

We have put together a great collection of what we think are the 20 greatest champagne bottle designs around. Also if you want to learn more about what’s inside the bottle you should read this article where you’ll learn 20 facts about champagne. Enjoy!


Striped champagne bottle design - 20 Champagne Bottle Designs

This striped cool design was made for Blink Brut Sparkling Wine. (source)


Viktor & Rolf Champagne bottle

A cool way to package champagne, the Viktor & Rolf special edition for Piper Heidsieck. (source)


Champagne outside packaging, devout packaging in paper

This clever paper bag design is simply adorable. (source)


Jean Paul Gaultier champagne bottle

A glamourous bottle in black by designer Jean Paul Gaultier for Piper-Heidsieck. (source)


Palmes d´Or Champagne bottle design

A vintage 1998 Palmes d’Or Champagne. (source)


Andy Warhol Champagne bottle designs

A tribute to pop artist Andy Warhol, this is a limited edition bottle and box for Dom Perignon. (source)


Champagne bottle with Union Jack flag

Make it pop! British store John Lewis did with this mini champagne bottle. (source)


Absolut Tune bottle designs

Not a champagne but the design for this Absolut Tune sparkling wine with vodka is too good looking to leave out. (source)


Preppy champagne bottle designs

Preppy and cool, this design for Veuve Clicquot stand out. (source)


Unusual champagne bottle designs

This Millesime champagne bottle really stands out. (source)


White Moet & Chandon Champagne bottle, part of a Champagne bottle designs collection

White gold and elegance for Moet & Chandon. (source)


Champagne bottle with white feathers

Truly extravagant with white feathers. (source)


Disco champagne bottle in purple for Taittinger

Disco Baby! A cool design for Taittinger Champagne. (source)


Golden champagne bottle designs - 20 Champagne Bottle Designs

Louis Roederer limited edition had a price at around $20,000. (source)


White gold champagne bottle designs

White Gold Dom Perignon. (source)


Striped all American Champagne bottle design

Not all champagne bottles do have to look as expensive as possible, sometimes good design is enough. This is a Chandon Sparkling Wine all American special bottle. (source)


Champagne bottle design looking like a fire extinguisher.

Zarb Fire Extinguisher bottle. (source)


Cool champagne bottle designs

Colier bottle comes in a cool black bottle. (source)


Champagne bottle trapped in cage, Laurent-Perrier Rosé Champagne, Champagne bottle design

A bottle trapped in a cage, cool design for Laurent-Perrier. (source)


Champagne bottle design by Philippe Starck for Louis Roederer

This cool bottle and design was made by Philippe Starck for Louis Roederer. (source)

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