2016 Best Beer Packaging Designs – 20 Great Ones

2016 Best Beer Packaging Designs - 20 Great Ones

The year is coming to an end which means we can sum up some of the great design we’ve seen. This is the 2016 Best Beer Packaging Designs according to Ateriet, enjoy!

The 2016 Best Beer Packaging Designs is our favorite ones we’ve seen this year. Some have been featured here before and some are shown for the very first time. What they all have in common is that they all look great. For more great beer packaging you can check out our full coverage here. Now let some great packaging inspire you to greatness next year.

2016-best-beer-packaging-designs-1 Biere Des Marais, great design in all black and white. As a bonus there is a glass to go with it. (source)


From white to black. The Old Purple Rise comes in an almost all black design. Extra credits for the coasters and unusual design for the 4-pack carrier. (source)


Mr Hops, little bit too much going on with the design but I still like it. (source)


This one has got it all. A for Anarchy, plenty of color. It even comes wrapped in fabric even if you can’t see it in this photo. (source)


Cigar City Brewing have made this macho Florida Man Pale Ale. (source)


The sea is the theme for this series of beautiful Monkfish beers. (source)


Voss beer comes from Norway. As you can see printing directly on the bottle always help the design. (source)


Moa Brewing Company have released this fishing themed Pale Ale. Love how they’ve worked with only two colors. (source)


Moonchild India Pale Ale. Simple and nice. (source)2016-best-beer-packaging-designs-11

Lucha Libre is always fun, this one have been featured here before. Still looks great. (source)


This set of Peroni Lab beers tells us the full history of how a beer is made in the graphics. Great idea and very well executed. (source)


These Dargett set of beers looks very classic. Nothing wrong with that, what we like about it is the illustrations and of course the bottle cap. (source)


Breakwater Brewing Co really stands out with this great design. Everything is great about it. Clear glass bottles, cool bottle caps and strings to hold the label around the neck of the bottle. (source)


Baukur looks amazing. It’s the 1920’s all over again. (source)


Duck Foot, plenty of fun graphics. (source)


Sonder stout comes in a very clean and outdorsy design. Would look great next to a campfire. (source)


Cool and clean. (source)


Oast House Barn Raiser, another great example of how using few colors can work great. (source)


One of my favorites in this collection. The beer comes from Cargo Brewery in New Zealand. (source)


We end things with this 3113 local brew. (source)

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