3D Print using Cheese on a can

3D Cheese Printer

Imagine making anything out of cheese, it’s a dream come true isn’t it. You’re not alone. Andrew Maxwell Parish took matters into his own hands (or actually a robots hands) and created the cheese printer.

Here you can watch the three tests that was made with the 3D Cheese printer and we can say the results are.. frustrating. But cheesy.

About Andrew Maxwell Parish

Andrew Maxwell Parish is the manager of Hybrid Lab at California College of the Arts. The Hybrid Lab is a multidisciplinary, creative technology and interactive electronics lab for all of the students at CCA. It is a space for anyone to come in with a concept and make it a reality. Over a hundred students every semester have created projects in the lab that I have helped them in the conceptualization, construction, fabrication, and endless amounts of troubleshooting.


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