A Dentist Invented Cotton Candy

Did you know that a dentist invented cotton candy? Probably not, get the full story on this fun fact in this great video.

A dentist invented cotton candy, that just sounds too good to be true. Or maybe to bad to be true, let’s face it. Cotton candy might not be the best thing for your teeth. But according to this great video from Great Big Story it was in fact the dentist and amateur inventor James Morrison who invented cotton candy.

James Morrison was besides being a dentist also a big fan of sweets and culinary inventions. James teamed up with his friend and fellow inventor John C Wharton and together they created the candy cotton machine. They just didn’t call it cotton candy, instead they used the name Fairy Floss which sounds way better that cotton candy, at least to me.

The fairy floss or cotton candy was then sold at the 1904 World Exhibit and became a huge success for the inventors. However James Morrison later went back to being a full time dentist so maybe he discovered what we know about sugar and teeth today and decided to help out a bit.

How Cotton Candy is Made

Making cotton candy is actually quite basic but if you want to see another video I can highly recommend this one from Byte Size Science where Professor of Food Engineering Richard Hartel from The University of Wisconsin-Madison gives you a full explanation on how the making of cotton candy is made.

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