Adulting With Kinder Bueno – These Ads Rule

Kinder Bueno has made a whole series of amazing ads about being an adult and you deserve a Kinder Bueno just because of that. Check out these great set of Adulting with Kinder Bueno Ads.

Adulting means doing adult things like changing a broken light bulb, keeping a plant alive or owning a whole bunch of Tupperware. That is at least according to the new set of Kinder Bueno ads that all goes under the theme Adulting with Kinder Bueno.

All the ads are made in the same delightful way. They all start with a man turning on the drum sound on a synthesizer and then two cool very British girls talk over the drumbeat about all the adult things they have done lately. Most of them rhyme and a few are hilarious. Here are a few great examples of Adulting with Kinder Bueno.

“I just paid my gas bill and later I’m gonna bleed my radiator”.

“I had this plant since 11.40, it’s still alive I even watered it”.

“I got 100 Tupperware boxes at my apartment, this one’s my favorite it got compartments”.

Do all that and you do deserve a Kinder Bueno.

What I love about this besides the obviously funny and cool films is that Kinder finally markets some of their candy towards adults. It’s not weird that Kinder is mainly targeted at children. As you may or may not know Kinder means child in German so it kind of goes with the name.

The full-length version of the ad is on top of this post, all other versions can be found below. For more great food ads check out my full coverage here. To find out about Kinders most famous product the Kinder Egg you can read my Taste Test on it here. Enjoy and do some Adulting with Kinder after you’ve read this.

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