Check out some great American Heineken Ads

Heineken is one of the biggest beer companies in the world and is served in over 192 countries, one of those countries in the US and we have rounded up some great American Heineken Ads for you to enjoy.

I have a special love for commercials, at least when you get to choose which ones and when to watch. One fun part about commercials is that it’s not that common that the same commercial is aired all over the world. So if you see an ad for a brand in your country it is very likely that the ad is only shown in your country or region. But thanks to Youtube you can search out ads for your favorite brand and see how it is marketed in other countries. We have done that before here a few times like in this collection of Coca-Cola commercials from all over the world.

Now the time has come to check out some great American Heineken Ads, I just stumbled upon a new set of Heineken commercials with actor Benicio Del Toro and then kept browsing and found some more great ones that I had never seen before. So chances are you haven’t either, watch and enjoy.

This is the second of the two Benicio Del Toro ads where he meets a Heineken brewmaster and discusses the beer.


This ad is from a music project Heineken did where they have turned the sound from a New York Subway into music.


This is one of a few very funny commercials with Neil Patrick Harris where he promotes Heineken Light.


Another one with Neil Patrick Harris, this is a follow up to the series from above and made with a great sense of humour.


A cool one where Heineken gave some great free concerts.


This one is another great one where Heineken treats some American fans to a Barcelona Champions League game, not bad at all.

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