How apples are grown

03/02/2015 • Food Culture

Ever thought about how apples are grown? Now is the time to find out.

In this video we’ll get to visit the Lyman Orchard in Connecticut where apples have been grown for hundreds of years and the current growers are the ninth generation of growers on the Lyman Orchard. They have over 25,000 apple trees and are growing over 30 different apple varieties.

Well get to see how the trees are grown, how many bees are needed to get some apples from all those apple flowers and how the farm uses alternative ways to limit pesticides.

US is the seconds largest apple growers in the world and apples is the most popular fruit of the ones who are grown in the US.

How does it grow is producing videos on more than how apples are grown, if you like this video you can subscribe to their Youtube channel for more or visit their homepage.


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