Are You My Grandma? See these Grandma’s Cookie Ads

Are you my Grandma? That’s the question that is the question in these weird and funny ads for Grandma’s Cookies, see them here.

Now I’ve seen some weird ads in my days and these ones are right there in the top. Luckily they are all pretty funny as well. The theme for the ads are all more or less the same. A person asks a cookie-eating person if they are their Grandma with the obvious question Are you my Grandma?

Naturally the answer is no, it’s kind of clear that none of the persons being asked in these commercials are the Grandma to whoever is asking. The fun part comes when the person being asked eventually gives up and accepts to be their Grandma, at least for a short while.

Each spot ends with the tagline “Grandma’s Cookies, Just like Grandma’s”.

My personal favorite is the one on top where the man eating lunch on a bench gives in to the little girl and starts to knit. Another highlight is the end on the first one below where an office worker walks in on a pair where one are singing her “grandsons” favorite lullaby.

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