Barcode Packaging Design – The code is the design

Barcode Packaging Design

Take a look at this clever barcode packaging design, the code is what makes up most of the design.

This Barcode Packaging Design idea is made by Spanish designer Enric Aguilera for Delishop a few years ago. But the fact that it is an old design does not matter, it still looks good and the idea holds up a few years later as well.

The idea is simple, whenever you try to squeeze everything you need at a packaging design you will always find yourself with a shortage of space. One of the most annoying things that you have to fit in any design is the barcode. The barcode also comes with some demands to make it work with those scanners used in stores so you cant get very creative with it either.

Spanish designer Enric Aguilera solved this problem by making the entire design be the barcode, easy to scan, it makes it stand out and it looks cool, see below.


Barcode Packaging Design

Barcode Packaging Design

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