20 Cool Beer Cans – A Beer Can Packaging Collection

beer can packaging design

Get your thirst for great design and beer in our collection of cool Beer Can Packaging. We’ve rounded up the 20 best just for you.

Beer Cans doesn’t always sound so exciting and often it really isn’t. But there are many examples of really cool beer can packaging and cans come with a few perks. From a designers and producers perspective beer can designs are printed on aluminum instead of paper which will make the design hold up against moisture and water.

There is also more space available and there are no weird shapes that you have to adjust to. Designing a beer can is more or less drawing something cool on a paper and add the name of a beer. That gives us some really cool packagings.

If you have any favourite beer cans that you think we’ve missed please let us know in the comments or drop us a mail.

So here it is the 20 coolest beer can packaging collection around.

beer can packaging good people brewing company

Good People Brewing Company have made these cool and modern beer cans. Big vintage fonts with clean colors make it a great design.

beer can insane rush graphic design

Splendid design for Bootstrap Brewing. The beer is called insane rush and the rabbits do look a bit insane while running on the cans. (source)


beer can packaging design sixpoint brewery

Lots of bright shiny aluminium and sharp colors for the Sixpoint Craft Ales.


beer can 15

Half Acre Beer Company from Chicago have come up with this great collection of beer cans.


beer can austin beerworks

Austin Beerworks have a simple and great design. This one is the Fire Eagle American IPA but many of the beers follow the same design with only the colors shifting depending on the beer type.

beer can that looks like a glass of beer beer can design

Volksbier really made their cans stand out. Read more about the design here.


beer can design packaging 21st amendment beer can

21st Amendment Brewery have really cool designs for all of their beers so you should check out some more of their beers. This one with a monkey in a spacesuit hanging out at the beach is for the Down to Earth Session IPA.


beer can packaging familjen cool beer

Familjen or Family as it translates to. A cool collection of beers, we haven’t found that much information on this design but since it looks great, here it is. (source)


beer can packaging creature comforts tropicalia ipa

By Creature Comforts Brewing Company comes the Tropicalia IPA. The design have a great beach vibe going on and we wished we could taste it right now.


beer can mackinnon brothers beer

From the MacKinnon Brothers Brewing comes the Crosscut Canadian Ale. Read more about this design here.


pantone beer can packaging design

Amazing design where the Spanish designers at Txaber have paired the varieties of beer with a Pantone color.

beer can packaging for silver city brewery

An eagle and a salmon hangs out by a campfire in this fun design for Silver City Brewery. The beer was made for the Seattle Beer Week.


cool beer can bron pale ale

Bron Pale Ale, a great example on where you can simply draw something cool and then add a beer name to it. But it’s not that simple at all when you’re trying yourself is it?


defiance brewing beer can packaging

Cool beer can design for Defiance Brewing Company from Kansas, USA.


beer can packaging due south brewing company

Due South Brewing have come up with a cool line of beer cans. Simple could be great as you can see. You can read more about this design here.


beer can packaging bearded lady beer

Another great design from Good People Brewing Company. The Bearded Lady American Wheat Ale looks like something you would take home.


beer can packaging uinta beer cans

Amazing design for Uinta Brewing Company. We love the great colors and variety in design. If I ever find these in any store they are coming home with me.


pacman beer packaging

This Pacman 8-Bit beer are made for the Tallgrass Brewing Company. They have a wide variety of cool beers so check them out for more great designs.


presidential beer packaging presidential pils

The Presidential Pils by Two Beers Brewing Company are simply too good to be ignored. It really does look presidential doesn’t it?


beer can packaging noda brewing company

Lovely vintage graphics by the NoDa Brewing Company. Cause things were better in the past.

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