Is a Big Mac With Bacon Still a Big Mac? Find out in this fun ad

So is a Big Mac with Bacon still a Big Mac? In this new ad from McDonald’s these two friends don’t quite agree.

Is a Big Mac With Bacon Still a Big Mac? That’s the question that McDonald’s asks the people of Canada in this new ad.

Two friends is sitting in a McDonald’s restaurant. One bites down on a Big Mac Bacon and says, “Now that’s a Big Mac”. Immediately he gets interrupted by his friend who claims that the Big Mac Bacon is not a Big Mac at all.

The arguments for both sides keep coming through the ad which I think is really funny. McDonald’s themselves call it at Big Mac, they should know claims the Big Mac Bacon eater. No use, “They’re wrong” claims the Big Mac purist. The same type of argument you can hear in politics these days, am I right?

Since the ad is released in Canada there is also a French version of the ad. Luckily it’s not dubbed into French but is made with the same idea with different actors.

Fun ad from McDonald’s, the only sad thing is that I rarely get Big Macs looking as good as the ones they are eating in the ads.

The only question you have to ask yourself now is this: Is a Big Mac With Bacon Still a Big Mac?

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