McDonald’s vs Burger King Roadsign is Cocky and Clever

02/29/2016 • Ads

Check out McDonald’s France clever and cocky way to brag about how many drive thru’s they got. It’s the McDonald’s vs Burger King roadsign.

Usually when two big brands are competing it’s the smaller brand who is coming up with cocky and creative ways to challenge the market leader. The classic David vs Goliat if you will. And most people do like an underdog.

In this new commercial and marketing ploy by McDonald’s in France the roles are reversed. McDonald’s is the big company and apparently they have a lot of drive thrus, at least way more than Burger King.

So to make a point out of this McDonald’s placed two signs with directions to the nearest drive thru at a location in France. We are guessing that it was not Burger King who chose the location.

On the McDonald’s sing it says, Drive Thru 5 km. On Burger King’s sign the distant is 258 km and you won’t find it if you keep following the road. It comes with a few instructions. Very clever by McDonald’s

Now that you’re here make sure you check out our full McDonald’s coverage.

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