Burgers & Hip Hop come together in Berlin – and they got some good branding

burgers & hip hop

Check out this cool branding for the Burgers & Hip Hop party in Berlin, once a year lovers of hip hop and meat come together to celebrate this holy alliance, now they have upped their party with some great branding as well.

Burgers & Hip Hop is besides just sounding great also a big party in Berlin which attracts thousands of rap loving and meat craving Berliners. They meet on the afternoon to start of a night that will last until next daylight with some beats and burgers, sound amazing to me.

Currently Burgers & Hip Hop are hoping to take this concept and community to the next level and going for some international recognition. And if you want to go big you need to add something extra.

This is where art director and designer Kai-Uwe Niephaus comes in to rebrand the whole Burgers & Hip Hop concept. Everything has been remade in a great way that really captures the playful attitude and fun concept.  A graffiti inspired font, cool posters and album covers and even some possible food packaging have been produced.

I really love this idea and haven’t heard of this concept before but with a strong community, great burgers, great music and now even some good design this concept can go anywhere.

To read more on the concept and join the community check out the Burgers & Hip Hop Facebook page. To read more about the design and to take a look at Kai-Uwe Niephaus other work check out his Behance portfolio.


burgers & hip hop