Busch Beer Ads – Busch Should Never Change, But Some Things Should

Watch the very funny Busch beer ads, because Busch beer should never change, but some things should.

Some things should never change, like the crisp cold refreshment of Busch. But some things should.

That’s the whole idea behind this new series of very funny Busch Beer ads that came out recently. All the ads start out the same way. Our presenter pulls up a six-pack of Busch beer out of a stream, somewhere in the wild. I immediately want to go camping by the way. 

Then he tells us how the crisp cold refreshment of Busch beer should never change, but some things should. Like Franks camp songs. Then we’ll get to hear Franks camp songs, and we agree.

What’s Good About These Busch Beer Ads

First, they are funny. Which is often a key factor in beer ads for some reason. But hey, I’m not complaining. They have a fun idea and use it in a good way. I also like the outdoor setting for the clips, it’s beer for men hanging out in the woods, hunting, fishing and listening to Franks camp songs. Nothing wrong with that I think. It is beer for men, by men and I’m guessing the wives and girlfriends are staying at home. I don’t mind that type of advertising if its done in the right way. It is here, the guys are just guys hanging out in the wild. Do it like that and it works. 

This is the second round of these Busch beer ads. There was a similar campaign last year but instead of things that should change the same presenter asked people what they are known for. Equally funny. Well done Busch Beer.

You can watch Franks camp song on top and a few select clips from both campaigns below.

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