Canal+ Cooks Up One Amazing Food Video

Canal+ have released this amazing food video, in it the cooks in the kitchen uses some unorthodox ingredients.

This amazing food video is made by BETC for the French cable network Canal+. I’m guessing that is the reason why the video is sort of about food. And it is a great way to connect with the French origin of the company without having to write stuff out.

The video takes place in a busy kitchen and at first things look normal. Then one cook decides to crack an egg and a live Velociraptor comes out. And he is not in a good mood.

Then things get even cooler. A burning city is carried out the the diners. A can normally containing caviar instead holds tiny soccer players. Cartoons gets sliced up and robots get their heads pulled off. It’s not a good day to be a toy.

The coolest detail for me is the set of armed knights that get pulled apart like fresh crabs. To top whatever is cooking the cooks use explosions for seasoning. That will take flavor to the next level.

I’m not sure how great this ad is for Canal+ but when they make amazing food videos like this I’m all for it.

Below you can watch a behind the scenes video on how the film was made.

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