• 05/31/2018 • Ads

    Check Out McDonald’s Clever Job Ads

    McDonald’s want more students to work for them. To make them want to they created a line of very clever job ads, let’s just say that you can get a chance at McDonald’s without prior experience. I love these clever job ads that...

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  • 05/20/2018 • Ads

    OP Anderson – 127 Years of Hard Work. In a cocktail?

    127 Years of Hard work, in a cocktail? Not if master blender for OP Anderson Akvavit has a say in the matter. Watch the great new ad for this great Swedish akvavit. Apparently, people have started pouring OP Anderson into cocktails. The...

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  • 05/17/2018 • Ads

    Watch Kevin Hart Kickstart Himself with Mountain Dew Kickstart

    Kevin Hart is always fun to watch, these new short ads for MTN Dew Kickstart are no exception. So watch Kevin Hart Kickstart himself with some Mountain Dew. Kevin Hart Kickstart himself with Mountain Dew Kickstart. What that doesn’t tell...

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  • 05/17/2018 • Ads

    The McDonald’s Big Mac Can of Coca-Cola

    This year the Big Mac turns 50 years, to celebrate that they created a Big Mac Can of Coca-Cola, do check it out. Check out the Big Mac Caf of Coca-Cola, a special made Big Mac-branded can of Coca-Cola, complete with two burger patties,...

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  • 04/20/2018 • Ads

    Creative Chewing Gum Ads – You’ll Stick To These

    Let’s get creative with chewing gum, or at least let’s look at some Creative Chewing Gum Ads, I promise you’ll stick to these great ads. I’m not personally a big fan of chewing gum, the flavor disappears to fast and if I’m gonna...

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  • 04/19/2018 • Ads

    These Creative KFC Ads Replaced Fire With Chicken

    KFC in Asia created some really creative KFC Ads, in them the fire that you would normally see is replaced by spicy chicken, check them out. I love the creative KFC Ads, the idea is one of those that is obvious once you see them and you...

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  • 04/10/2018 • Ads

    Lego Is Food, if you use your imagination like in these Lego...

    Legoland in Dubai just came out with these Lego Food Ads, because your child imagination is important, just like food. Lego is food, there have been plenty of food and lego projects and here’s a new one, this time it actually comes from...

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  • 04/07/2018 • Ads

    These Koff Beer Ads Are So Weird, But Fun

    You do need to watch these Koff Beer Ads. They show us the new non-alcoholic Koff Beer and how that can be consumed where beer isn’t usually served. Non-alcoholic beer is a category that is growing fast, Koff Beer has joined most...

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  • 04/05/2018 • Ads

    The Golden Arches as Digital Art for McCafé

    The golden arches of McDonald’s may be iconic, but this artist turned it even more cool by getting creative. Check out this cool art for McCafé. I love when you take your strongest asset and turn it into something else. McDonald’s...

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  • 03/27/2018 • Ads

    Creative Egg Ads – Great Ads with Eggs

    The egg can be used for much more than just cooking, see just how in these Creative Egg Ads, they are not necessarily for eggs, but they are in there. The egg is one of the most common things to get creative with. It’s been used since...

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