• 01/31/2015 • Ads

    McDonald’s Marketing History

    Learn something today, how about the Marketing History of McDonald’s? Watch this great video to get educated. Heres a two minute video that will show you the McDonald’s marketing history. Its been put together by Fast Company and...

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  • 01/30/2015 • Ads

    Will Coca-Cola #makeithappy

    Coca-Cola is on a crusade to make the internet happy as their campaign for this years Super Bowl. They have launched some teaser trailers for their commercial which will be shown during Super Bowl this sunday. From the looks of they want...

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  • 01/29/2015 • Ads

    FlavorStone frying pan

    FlavorStone is a Japanese frying pan that lets you cook without adding any fat, but that is in no way what is interesting in this commercial. It features around 100 maids who keep tossing a single pancake between FlavorStone pans and...

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  • 01/17/2015 • Ads

    Pepsi Max and their great commercials

    Pepsi Max just keep delivering great commercials, their latest in a long line of great short movies features mouse traps and ping pong balls, and a lot of them. The short film “Chain Reaction” that you can look at above uses the...

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  • 01/05/2015 • Ads

    How to Dad – greatest cereal commercial ever

    How to Dad is the name for this great series of commercials for Peanut Butter Cheerios, after watching these I’m never eating any other cereal. Kind of missed this during the summer but General Mills launched a how to dad commercial...

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  • 01/04/2015 • Ads

    McDonalds brilliant new Ad

    McDonald’s have just updated their famous tagline “I’m lovin’ it” by adding a bit more focus on the love bit. The plan from McDonald’s is to let this more positive approach inspire all its marketing. The TV and digital ads have...

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  • 12/06/2014 • Ads

    Coca-Cola Christmas commercial – Share the good

    Coca-Cola have just released one of this years Christmas commercials and I think no one can top their commercials, especially around the holidays. This year they are doing something a bit more modern and are also trying to get some buzz in...

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  • 11/27/2014 • Ads

    The Swedish Bikini Team

    The Swedish Bikini Team, it has a nice ring to it doesn´t it? Well back in the day Old Milwaukee Brewery had the same opinion so they decided to launch some commercials where a bunch of dudes are hanging around enjoying themselves, or so...

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  • 11/23/2014 • Ads

    Beer Fridge Commercial by Molsom Beer is all about Hockey

    Beer Fridge is a commercial from Canadian beer makers Molsom, let’s just say that the Canadians do love their hockey, no matter the temperature. Molsom Beer is Canadian, that means you´re most likely a nice guy or girl who love...

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  • 11/15/2014 • Ads

    McDonalds Posters

    McDonalds may not be known for their great ad campaigns and you rarely see people hanging vintage McDonalds posters in their homes but I guess times are changing. French ad agency TBWA made a minimalistic ad campaign that focuses on the...

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