• 11/13/2014 • Ads

    Crest Sensitivity catus ad

    Hey! No need to give ice cream a bad rep just because your teeth are more sensitive than ours! Just kidding, no teeth sensitivity would ever make me stay away from ice cream but maybe it does for some and in that way Crest have created a...

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  • 11/10/2014 • Ads

    Alzheimer chocolate ad

    The dutch advertising agency N=5 have made this very clever and heartbreaking chocolate ad that is supposed to give you and understanding on how it can feel to suffer from Alzheimer’s decease, a very effective and creative way to...

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  • 08/22/2014 • Ads

    Sensodyne toothpaste ads that will make your teeth cold

    Check out these clever Sensodyne toothpaste ads, they will make your teeth cold. As always it´s fun to find creative ads that involve food but is not from food companies, Sensodyne have been making similar ads like this one before but...

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  • 06/19/2014 • Ads

    Follow Your Pizza – Clever Ads For The First Pizza With A...

    Check out these clever ads, they let you know exactly where your pizza ingredients are coming from with a clever idea. So follow your pizza. Follow your pizza or at least all of their ingredients. German pizza brand Followfish has released...

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  • 05/31/2014 • Ads

    Lurpak butter commercials that will make rush out and buy butter

    Take a look at these great Lurpak butter commercials, they will make you want to get out and buy butter, or at least consider making some dinner. Lurpak butter is a Danish butter company that have taken their Lurpak butter commercials to a...

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