Food Culture

  • 12/24/2014 • Food Culture

    60 second menus

    The restaurant blog Eater have as we posted about before started producing short films about different restaurants tasting menus, you’ll get a quick tour of some of the greatest American restaurants and problaby start saving up money...

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  • 12/21/2014 • Food Culture

    Antoni Gaudi Gingerbread House for Modernist Cuisine

    Probably the coolest Gingerbread house ever, watch this video for the Antoni Gaudi Gingerbread House. Well the people at Modernist Cuisine have a tendency to always take stuff that extra mile and apparently the same goes for creating...

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  • 12/19/2014 • Food Culture

    Support group for tomatoes

    It’s not easy being a tomato out there, you’re most likely to end up sliced alongside some mozzarella, squeezed into a Bloody Mary or worst of all reduced with other tomatoes into a paste and then spread on pizzas. Luckily there are...

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  • 12/18/2014 • Food Culture

    Infusing water bottle

    Do you love flavored water but don’t want some old slices of lemon floating around in it for days, or don’t feel like spending money on buying flavored water. Well then this might be a solution for you, it’s called the Aqua Zinger in...

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  • 12/17/2014 • Food Culture

    Raising Shrimp Documentary

    Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the USA and probably in most of the world where seafood is enjoyed. But most of the shrimp is imported, both to the US and Europe, most of it comes from Asian shrimp farms that is very bad for the...

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  • 12/17/2014 • Food Culture

    Foraging Seaweed

    Here comes yet another of the great videos from Foodie TV, this time it’s about harvesting seaweed. Not something most people do that often, if ever. Great video as ususal, enjoy!...

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  • Food Chains - Trailer from Screen Media Films on Vimeo.

    12/15/2014 • Food Culture

    Food Chains movie

    The documentary Food Chains exposes the abuse and exploitation of a group of tomato pickers in Florida, USA. With this documentary the focus is on the hard working people who pick most of the food in the US and their conditions (or lack...

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  • 12/14/2014 • Food Culture

    The Kitchen of Eleven Madison Park

    Want to see the inside of one of the worlds best restaurants? Well in this video you will get a tour of the kitchen of Eleven Madison Park. The kitchen is run by Daniel Humm and if you have a reason to celebrate and happen to be in New...

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  • 12/11/2014 • Food Culture

    The last days of WD-50

    What can be described as the El bulli of the US restaurant scene WD-50 closed on the 30th of november after blessing the Lower East Side with modern (in it’s true meaning) american food for the last eleven years. Time magazine is...

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  • Moving Good Food Forward from Goodforks on Vimeo.

    12/11/2014 • Food Culture

    Food stop motion

    Apples gliding, watermelons rolling, chocolate melting and broccoli spinning, sounds interesting? Well it looks cool and that could be all you need. This food stop motion film is made by the good people at Goodforks....

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