Cats in a Grocery Store – You need to see this

Do you want to see a video of famous internet Cats in a grocery store? Of course you do, don’t miss this ad for the German supermarket chain Netto, you need to see it.

Cats in a grocery store, I feel like I never written that sentence before. Well this ad for the German supermarket chain Netto is all about cats in stores.

The video features about a handful of cats out shopping in a Netto store. Most of the cats are inspired by some of the famous cats that have been circulating on social media like the No No No cat and the Keyboard Cat, you can see those original clips below.

To make this video the creators from agency Jung von Matt had to build a replica of a Netto store in cat size. Then all you need is lots of cats, cat trainers and director Brian Lee Hughes. Brian decided to wear a catsuit for part of the recording to be able to connect with the cats, and when I hear this quote it looks like it worked.

“We’re not the same species, but I feel like we’re brothers and sisters in a project that will be good for all mankind”. – Brian Lee Hughes

See the making of this cats in a grocery store below and make sure to check out our full food ads coverage.


Here is the behind the scenes video from the cat video, most of it is in German but it’s still worth checking out.


The No No No cat, there are a few hundred versions of this online but this one is a good as most of them.


Another classic cat video, the keyboard playing cat have been around for a long time. This one was uploaded to Youtube in 2007 and is now up to 44 million views. Impressive and depressing at the same time.

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