Watch Charles Faircloth Trying To Sell You One Hope Wine

11/05/2016 • Ads

The best thing I’ve seen today. Watch Charles Faircloth trying to sell you wine you can afford, and make the world a better place.

This rich kid trying to sell you One Hope wine is easily the funniest thing I’ve seen today. His name is Charles Faircloth and he is super rich, and made up. That don’t make this commercial any less fun.

The clip features Charles Faircloth walking around a vineyard wearing boots and telling us how incredibly rich he is. He’s so rich he has a woman coming to his house everyday just to make smoothies. That’s her only job and sometimes Charles doesn’t even have a smoothie for breakfast.

Besides that and a few other rich things he also has a full chess piece in his garden with real people being all the chess pieces.

Once Charles Faircloth told us all that he explains that us normal people can buy affordable wine from One Hope and contribute to making the world better. This is because One Hope donates some of their profit to a number charitable causes.

The ad reminds me of the Aubrey Plaza ads from the Super Bowl that was a favorite of mine a few years back, watch one of those below.

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