Chicken bones jewelry made from chicken bones

chicken bones jewelry

01/18/2015 • Art & Design

Feel like updating your jewelry collection and love chicken? Well there is a solution for you, Chicken bones jewelry made from real chicken bones! Sound weird, well keep reading, it gets better.

Kentucky for Kentucky is a commonwealth that is supporting and spreading anything great from Kentucky and chicken bone jewelry is one of them. Last summer they introduced the Gold-plated Kentucky Fried Chicken Bone Necklace. Real gold necklaces made from the chicken bones of a Kentucky Fried Chicken 8-piece dinner and now they have expanded the line of jewelry with the Gold Plated Kentucky Fried Chicken Bone Earrings.

The collection is made by Meg C Jewelry and how it is made is first you’ll get some fried chicken, eat it and save the bones. Wash the bones with soap and water and let them dry in sunshine and fresh air. Then the bones are sealed with varnish and painted with conductive paint and then gets copper electroformed.Then the gold plating is done and you can finally update that jewelry box with some serious chicken bone swag.

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