ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding is Looking Amazing

ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding

11/10/2016 • Packaging

ChicP Hummus is made from surplus fruit and vegetables. Besides that it also comes in some great looking packaging.

This ChicP Hummus concept won a prize for being the Best Convenience Food Innovation at the World Food Innovation Awards 2016. No wonder, there are plenty of reasons why this is a great product.

There’s plenty to like about this concept but there are three things that I think stand out.

ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding

Surplus Fruit and Vegetables

The first and probably the smartest one is this. The Chicp Hummus is made out of surplus fruit and vegetables. I’m not sure where they get the vegetables or how much work it requires to turn the surplus into safe and delicious products but it is a great idea. As a consumer you totally get it and the idea of vegetables not going to waste sounds very good.

I don’t think initiatives like this matter much at all when it comes to the environment but as an argument for buying it is perfect. An extra bonus is of course that they can get the raw material cheap.

ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding

Clever Name and Packaging Design

The name is great. ChicP. So simple and great that every time I’ve seen this I’ve gotten annoyed at myself for not thinking of this first. That’s the case for most great ideas.

The second is the packaging design. Super simple round jar in clear plastic. Just a simple label on the side that tells us what is in the product.

Each label has its own color which is suppose to represent the vegetables in each hummus. Since the hummus is made from surplus vegetables this means that if they were to put a specific vegetable on the label it might not match. So to get around this they just made some shapes and colors that could easily be associated with a number of different ingredients.

ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding

See the product

With such a minimalist design you can really see the product. And it looks delicious. Especially when they are done in a wide range of vegetables so you’ll get a good spread of different colors.

Well done ChicP. For more on this project head over here. For more great food packaging check out our full coverage here.

ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding

ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding

ChicP Hummus Packaging and Branding

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