Chipotle Boorito Halloween Campaign makes us happy


Chipotle Boorito, weird name right? Well Boorito is the name of Chipotle’s Halloween campaign for this year. It comes with the chance of getting a free $3 Burrito, or should we say Boorito and a really great commercial that takes a swing at food additives.

It’s not like we haven’t shown our love for Chipotle’s ad campaigns here at Ateriet before, just a few days ago we wrote about the Chipotle Taste Invaders and somehow we keep getting good reasons to write even more, oh yea you can check out our previous coverage here.

And now they have done it again. For this years Halloween Chipotle have come up with a Boorito campaign with this theme. If you walk into a Chipotle between 5 p.m and closing on Halloween and are wearing a costume with something unnecessary on you’ll get a free $3 burrito. Just like Chipotle’s rivals are adding unnecessary additives to their food.


To get you some inspiration to what a not needed additive to a Halloween costume could be Chipotle have made some suggestions that you can see here.

For the great commercial on how things could look if Chipotle used the same additives as many of their competitors watch it below.

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