Chocolate box that will amaze you

chocolate box by Nendo

This chocolate box is designed by Japanese design studio Nendo. But instead of putting full focus on the flavor of the chocolate Nendo decided to turn their attention to the shape of the chocolate.

The result is quite amazing, Nendo have created a chocolate box with nine different shapes, each shape fits inside a box measuring 26x26x26 mm. They all have unique shapes, some with pointed tips, hollow interior, smooth or rough surfaces and textures.

Each chocolate is named after Japanese expressions which describes its shape, for example tubu-tubu for chunks of smaller chocolate drops or sube-sube which means smooth edges and corners.

This is not the first time that Nendo creates amazing designs with food, they are also the ones behind the cool Christmas Chocolate houses we covered last year here at Äteriet.

If you want to read more about Nendo and their other designs visit their website.

chocolate boxes by nendochocolate petit fours by nendonendo chocolate  box


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