Clever Ads for Ketchup With Less Sugar

Clever Ads for Ketchup With Less Sugar

08/06/2019 • Ads

As consumers are finding out that ketchup is actually made with loads of sugar alternatives are coming, and this one with a great set of ads. Let’s check out these clever ads for ketchup with less sugar.

It might not be news to all but the fact is that ketchup, you know that lovely blend of sweet tomatoes, vinegar and umami that is perfect on a bunch of different foods actually contain loads of sugar. How much? Well in some cases as much as 1/3 of what’s in that bottle is sugar. Probably not what you wanted to know while checking out some clever ads for ketchup I guess. But it’s the truth.

Luckily all the major brands of ketchup and most of the brands you’ve never heard of have been aware of this. All of a sudden consumers are checking the nutritional value and are choosing brands with less sugar. Good for their health, not as good for ketchup makers. Well, at least not until they had time to release their own low-sugar ketchup alternatives. Which is a good thing.

The Canadian brand Good Food for Good is also aware of the problem with ketchup and released a version that is sweetened with dates instead of processed sugar. It’s still sweet but in a more natural way, I guess. With some help from Public agency, they released a set of ads to go with their new ketchup and those ads are really what this post is about.

Ketchup like candy

The idea is simple, instead of making a set of ads with good looking food and their own date-sweetened ketchup on top they added candy instead. Hot Dogs with Twizzlers, Mac n Cheese with Gummy Bears and French Fries with Jelly Beans. All three of those candies has about as much sugar in them as ketchup.

A clever way to change things around with a few ads, check them all out below.

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Clever Ads for Ketchup With Less Sugar

Clever Ads for Ketchup With Less Sugar

Clever Ads for Ketchup With Less Sugar

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