Coke Cans now come with your family name as a tattoo

09/19/2015 • Ads

Coca-Cola have made a new campaign targeted at Hispanic and Latino Americans. It’s a new twist to the campaign where there is names on the coke cans. Instead of just your name printed on the can as before Coke cans now come with your family name as a temporary tattoo.

This new commercial for Coca-Cola takes the now classic name on the can campaign and adds a twist. Instead of just names on the cans they now come as temporary tattoos. Each can comes with the name just as usual but on top of it is a plastic protective sheet. Remove it and press the can at any part of your body and voila, you’ve got a temporary tattoo with your family name.

The campaign is targeted at Latinos so if you’re not at Latino you might run into some problems finding a can with your family name on. But Coca-Cola thought of this too. At the campaign website you can create your personalized bottle if you have a real unusual family name. For the unusual family Coca-Cola can’t help, sorry.


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