Colombian Coffee Took Us To Space, well maybe..

07/25/2016 • Ads

Colombian coffee might have played a small role in making sure humans made it into space, at least in these fun ads for the coffee.

Colombian coffee might have played a small but very important role when man first set out to going to space. You see in the background of every big event there are small things happening. Like a pot of Colombian coffee brewing in the control room of the rocket control room in Houston. We can’t say for sure that it was the Colombian coffee that achieved liftoff that day, but we can’t not say for sure.

This ad is of course made by the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation to make sure we choose Colombian when it comes to coffee.

The campaign is called Greatness is Brewing and the main spot is the one you can see above where the focus is on three different people working in the background of a NASA rocket launching. With their small contribution they made sure that the rocket finally made it to space.

There are also three shorter 15-second versions of the long ad each focused on one of each of the persons who made us get to space. They are all fun and great, and maybe not the hardest working part of space exploration. My personal favorite is the coffee guy flicking used toothpicks in the control room. As a close favorite you have to love the switchboard operator who types with amazing skills.

The campaign is made by the agency Rokkan and there is a webpage set up with more info called Greatness is brewing. The campaign also includes media on Facebook and Instagram. You can use the tag #GreatnessIsBrewing if you want to check it out or contribute.

Here’s my toothpicking throwing space exploring dude.


You have to keep those pencils sharp if we’re gonna make it to space.


Just look at those typing skills.


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