Color Themed Tasting Menu with 200 courses by Bompas & Parr

Color themed tasting menu

Are you thinking as yourself as a Foodie? Great then you should be in the market for a color themed tasting menu with 200 courses. That is the concept that Bompas & Parr have set up together with Bespoke offers, read more about this project and how to try it below.

The creative agency Bompas & Parr have come up with the idea to serve the world’s longest tasting menu. 200 courses over 10 meals that will give your tastebuds the challenge of a lifetime. Tickets for this cool event is available at Bespoke offers and you don’t have to have all the 200 courses.

Color themed tasting menu

There are tickets starting at £49 for the chance to enjoy one of these meals. But to get the full experience the price tag is £2,000 for two people but then you’ll probably won’t need to eat for a while.

The event is held at The Factory in London on the 3-4 September 2015.

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Color themed tasting menu

This is the meal plan for the color themed tasting menu, each meal can be bought separately.

Yellow Breakfast:Start out with a yellow breakfast, expect juice, coffee and some surprises.

White Elevenses: Sweet treats in the late morning, pastries, sugar and more.

Green Lunch: The garden is in focus for the green lunch, fresh greens, meat and cheese. There are promises of some fluorescent jelly as well.

Blue Afternoon Snack: Roots and fish in blue colors, we can’t wait to see what this means.

Purple Five O’Clock Tiffin: Wild game and dark summer fruits in simple but reinvented dishes.

Pink Dinner: The pink dinner will focus on fuschia, cured meats and wood smoke.

Red Party Time: With inspiration from Australia and Asia there will be spices and tropical flavors to enjoy.

Orange Drunchies: The night out extended, contradicting textures and bleeding edge techniques have been promised.

Brown Blackout: Carnal urges, sweet, hot and savory. There will be coffee, chocolate, black garlic, soy, licorice and squid ink.

Multicolour Final Countdown: The grand finale, global inspired festival food with a multinational flavors and vibrant colors.

Color themed tasting menu

Color themed tasting menu

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