Coolest Cookbook Ever – This BBQ Cookbook Is Used For The Actual Cooking

grilling cookbook with charcoal

This could be the coolest cookbook ever. It’s a promotion book by Tramontina and you will use in the actual cooking. One page is made out of coal, the kind you use for your barbecue, so this is not like any other book. Check it out!

Tramontina is one of the leading brands of kitchen supplies in Brazil and before the summer they made the coolest cookbook ever to promote their products. It’s a book on grilling where the book itself is used for actual grilling.

The first page is made of coal that you will start your grill with, tear out the next page and use it to set the coal on fire and the next to give the fire a bit of extra oxygen. And it won’t stop there, check out the video below to see a full demonstration of the book, and this must be the coolest cookbook ever!

Unfortunately, the book is not for sale, it was only used in the marketing for Tramontina, too bad since I´m guessing this could be a monster hit if it would be released. I tend to see this often. Companies who create really clever and fun marketing products but regular consumers rarely gets their hands on them.

I think it would be wise to up the budget a little bit and share products like this one and other fun projects with your costumers. I get that if you make just a few copies and share them heavily via social media it might be just as effective but come on. It’s a grilling book that you can use for actual grilling. Who wouldn’t want one of those, and I’m guessing most of us wouldn’t mind bragging about how cool it is on social media either.

If you want to read more about this project visit the marketing agency JWT who did the book and film.

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