Corona Removes Plastic with the new Corona Fit Pack

06/24/2019 • Packaging

Corona Fit Pack is the latest innovation from the beer brand Corona. In short they simply removed the plastic that holds a six-pack of beers together with their new Corona Fit Pack solution, let’s find out more.

That plastic is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to our environmental problems is not news to anyone. The problem is more how do we solve it. In my opinion we just have to keep trying and take small steps that will make things better slowly but surely, at least I hope it will.

The Corona Fit Pack is just that sort of solution. In many parts of the world when you buy a six-pack of beer they are held together by plastic rings. A very unnecessary type of packaging since it gets discarded quickly and not even all consumers have a need for this packaging.

So Corona decided to remove this extra packaging and created the Corona Fit Pack. A special can that can be “screwed” together with another can. Does this make sense? Well check out the video to learn more about it. Now for even more great news about this.

It’s open source!

That’s right. Corona will not hold on and start making lots of patents for this solution. They plan to make this innovation open source meaning that anyone in the beverage canning industry can use this new type of can. That is great news in my ears. However changing packaging in big industries is often a very costly affair. Hopefully the manufacturer can make this change quickly so we all can walk around looking happy with a 3, 4, 5 or even twisted six-pack in our hands.

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Great job Corona.

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