Cows singing Christmas carols

Christmas is upon us and what could be better to get you in the holiday spirits but cows singing christmas carols?

Heres a video of Cows singing Christmas carols, did you get that comforting Christmas feeling? If not you should take another look or log into your Spotify account so you can let these cow Christmas carols fill your day with Christmas spirit.

These songs are the Christmas campaign for the Swedish butter brand Bregott that is one of the major butter brands in Sweden, and they have released three cow Christmas songs and an commercial campaign this Christmas to let us know that the true suppliers behind butter are getting in that Christmas spirit too.

Below you can see a video of how the production of the films have been made.

This is not the first time Bregott have been creating clever campaigns, the story of the cows have been the theme for all of their commercials the last few years. They call the group of cows in the field the Bregottfabriken – The Bregott Factory.

Bregott try to pick up words and trends that are modern and talked about and apply them to a group of cows. You can see a few clever examples of some of the earlier films below like the Mindfulness in the Bregott Factory and the Food bloggers in the Bregott Factory.

Bregott is a brand of butter owned by the big Danish and Swedish dairy company Arla Foods, they are the owners of brands like Cocio, Castello Cheese, Dofino and Lurpak.

The Lurpak brand have also released some great commercials that you can watch here at Ă„teriet as well, just follow this link. Then get back to watching these cows singing Christmas carols.

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