Watch This Device Free Dinner with Will Ferrell

10/20/2017 • Ads

Watch a Device Free Dinner with Will Ferrell on how you should not behave while eating.

Will Ferrell is the latest star to join in the ongoing campaign Device Free Dinner from Common Sense Media. This video is the latest from the non-profit who among other things have taken the fight to get rid of the phone while eating.

As we all know the phone has taken a big part in our lives. That is mostly a good thing, I like most of us love my phone and probably check it as much as the rest of you. But there is a time and place for everything. The dinner table is one of the places where the phone should be as far away as possible.

Common Sense Media is a non-profit who created a long series of short films where it is perfectly illustrated how sad it can be to not be really present at the dinner table. The one above with Will Ferrell is the latest one. It comes in a few different versions, see them all below.

I also added a few of the other similar earlier films on the same theme, the message is the same. Keep off the phone at the dinner table.

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