Drink to solve your problems with this beer

drink to solve your problems

02/08/2015 • Beer Packaging, Packaging

Drink to solve your problems with this clever beer. But you can only drink so much before you get dumb again.

Ever tried to drink to solve your problems? Didn’t go so well? Well either you drank the wrong thing or didn’t hit the magic alcohol level of 0.075% that is the exact level where the average person produces the most creative thinking.

And now there is even the perfect beer to make sure you hit that sweet spot to get your creative thinking going. It’s called The Problem Solver and it is a handcrafted India Pale Ale that will both satisfy your creativity as well as your taste buds. There is even an indicator on the bottle to help get the amount exactly right.

But be careful, enjoying the right amount of beer will enhance your creative thinking, more will probably do the opposite.

But are there any truth the statement that you can drink to solve your problems? Turns out there just might be. In an article in Medical Daily reporter Christine Hsu took a closer look at how alcohol might have an impact on problem solving.

The Problem Solver is brewed by Danish Brewery Rocket Brewing.

drink to solve your problems


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