Drink what you want – As long as it’s Stoli Vodka

This fun Drink what you want campaign for Stoli Vodka takes a swing at the cool craft beers and cocktails and lets you drink what you want. Flavor shouldn’t be scary even if your chest is hairy.

Stoli Vodka thinks you should Drink what you want. You don’t have to drink that super special craft beer or that smoke flavored vodka. You can drink what you want, hopefully something based on Stoli Vodka of course.

But this is not just a fun way to let young men know that it is ok to get that raspberry drink or that fruity cocktail. Stoli made a survey that showed that even though a majority of men do enjoy yummy cocktails most of them won’t order them out of fear of being mocked by their friends. It’s not easy being a man these days I guess.

The campaign comes with one long version where a young man is sipping a blueberry drink and laying out the reasons why it is ok to drink whatever you want and a few shorter ones that you can watch below.

And remember: Flavor shouldn’t be scary, even if your chest is hairy.

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