Fashion meets Food in Gretchen Röehrs Instagram Photos

fashion meets food

07/02/2015 • Art & Design

Take a look at Gretchen Röehrs Instagram photos where fashion meets food in a great way.

Gretchen Röehrs is a San Francisco based illustrator and product designer who’s been combining her beautiful fashion sketches with various food items. Since she started to post these cute and clever sketches where fashion meets food she has been getting praise for her cool photos all over the web. And that is not so hard to understand once you take a look at her Instagram feed where she has posted a big collection of photos in this style.

Gretchen Röehrs have also been doing some more professional projects that you can check out at Behance or visit her own site. But not before checking out more of her stuff on Instagram.


fashion meets food

fashion meets food

fashion meets food

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