Fictional Food Art by Joshua Budich

fictional food art simpson donut

Take a look at these cool works of Fictional Food Art by Joshua Budich.

Joshua Budich is an artist from Baltimore, Maryland who have created a series of paintings called Fictional Food where he have taken some classic scenes from great movies and movie characters while they are eating their favourite food.

fictional food art mia wallace pulp fictionSome examples are Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction drinking a five dollar milkshake, Homer Simpson chugging down a donut and The Dude from The Big Lebowski having a sip of White Russian.

The series also includes some classic food items from TV and Movies without any characters like a Crusty Burger or the classic Simpsons Donut.

All works by Joshua are for sale and if you want to get your hands of any of these fictional food art prints by Joshua you should get going since some objects have already been sold out.



If you want to see more of Joshua Budich art (and it’s not all about food) you can visit his website, twitter and Instagram.

fictional food art darth vader fictional food art cookie monster fictional food art homer simpsonfictional food art




fictional food art krusty burger

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