Flying Sushi is the theme for this cool menu

Flying Sushi is the theme for this cool menu made for Yakitoriya in Russia, see more at

11/21/2015 • Art & Design

This menu for Yakitoriya has themed the menu with the idea of flying sushi. With cool photos of sushi and other menu items being mid-air they brought life to the menu.

Yakitoriya is a Japanese chain in Russia, for their menus they decided to go with some flying objects, or flying sushi if you will. The project was made by a whole team of talented Russian creatives.

To not make things look to photoshopped all compositions was made out of real photographs of the food as a base. Apparently drinks are easier to make look real without using real photographs but this time the team decided to use real photos as a base for the liquid items as well.

To read more on the project and check who is behind this head over here.

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