20 Amazing Food Pool Floats That Could Be Yours

Summer is here and so is the food pool floats. That’s right pool floats shaped like food. Check out my collection of 20 Amazing Food Pool Floats that could be yours.

So I made a collection of 20 really cool food pool floats. Just because it’s summer of course. Just picture yourself floating around in any of these ones this summer with a drink in hand. Below each of these 20 food pool floats there is a link if you want to go on a shopping spree. Enjoy and make sure to look cool in the pool this summer.


Food Pool Floats

Let’s start out with the classic donut with sprinkles, complete with a bite on the side. Go classic here.


Banana Food Pool Floats

Go Bananas with this big yellow thing. Shop here.

Float Food Pool Floats

And this floatie floater will really make you stand out in the pool. Get floating here.

Junior Mints Food Pool Floats

I love Junior Mints, why shouldn’t I be able to float on top one of these this summer. Junior Mints is available here.

Food Pool Floats

This popsicle delivers great color as well as a bit of gay pride. Get your pride fix here.

Pineapple Food Pool Floats

It’s the pineapple ring. Available here.

Popcorn Food Pool Floats

Nothing says hanging out poolside like popcorn. Get poppin here.

Food Pool Floats

Or a giant gummybear. Get it here.

Ice cream sandwhich Food Pool Floats

Here’s one with some extra summer feeling. The ice cream sandwich. Now go shop.

Food Pool Floats

Triple the fun with this set of ice cream floats. Shop here.

Poh Emoji Food Pool Floats

I know that the poo emoji float is not food but I had to let it in this collection anyway. Buy your enemy the poo emoji here.

Food Pool Floats Tootsie Roll

This Tootsie Roll floatie might not be the easiest to rest on but it looks cool. Gear up for summer here.

Food Pool Floats

Just like this Smarties one. Tube up here.

Popsicle Food Pool Floats

Love the color on this classic. The popsicle can be found here.

Watermelon Food Pool Floats

How about a slice of watermelon. Shop here.

Pretzel Food Pool Floats

Pretzels baby! Pretzels available here.

Pizza Food Pool Floats

Of course there’s a pizza floatie. Buy your slice here.

Pineapple Food Pool Floats

Love this pineapple, besides the donut this one is my favorite. Get this stylish pineapple here.

Watermelon Food Pool Floats

Another one of the great ones, watermelon wedge. Shop here.

Food Pool Floats Flamingo

I know that a flamingo is not food (or is it?) but nothing says summer more than a flamingo. Get the flamingo here.