Food Themed Garbage Pail Kids

food themed garbage pail kids

Food Themed Garbage Pail Kids, could things get any better? Not really, check out our collection of food themed Garbage Pail Kids now.

Garbage Pail Kids is a truly fond memory for many of us. A few weeks ago I went through my old collection of Garbage Pail Kids (yes I still have them, lucky me!) and since I’ve grown up and become more obsessed about food culture than collection weird cards I discovered that there were a bunch of these cool cards that had food as a theme. So after scooping through my own collection and then getting a bit more obsessed, this time about finding food themed garbage pail kids I felt that you should be getting in on this treat as well.

So here it is, my collection of Food Themed Garbage Pail Kids. Oh, not all of these are vintage, some are actually newly made for Internet use only but they were too cool to leave out, so enjoy! (Each name contains a link to my original source.)

garbage pail kids 2

Larry Lo Mein is a classic, eating noodles out of himself.

Garbage pail kids

Lady Gaga – Meat is Murder, one of the more moderna ones and of course inspired by her viral meat dress a few years ago.


Garbage pail kids cheese louise

 Cheese Louise, it’s a great thing to always have some stinky cheese at hand.

Garbage pail kids doug food

Doug Food, it’s not easy being dog food, especially not when you’re about to be eaten by some sort of wolf dog.

garbage pail kids 5

Anna Banana

garbage pail kids 6


Lolly Poppy

garbage pail kids 7


Brenda Blender

garbage pail kids 8


Scuzzy Ozzy, goth is in. Always.

garbage pail kids 9

Smelly Sally gives you a less romantic take on mermaids.

garbage pail kids 10

Pam Ham, nothing like a cold slice of ham with a personal touch.

garbage pail kids 11


Brainless Bryan, chilled brain. Yum.

garbage pail kids 12


Barfin’ Barbara is cooking up something nice for dinner.

garbage pail kids 13


Banana Anna

garbage pail kids 14

Slobby Robbie, a classic one.

garbage pail kids 15

Burger Ben is a new one. I don’t remember any Garbage Pail Kids from back in the day with The Hundreds t-shirts on.

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