Foodsniffer Ad Comes with Plenty of Sexual Undertones – Watch it

This Foodsniffer ad comes with plenty of sexual undertones, watch it alone or with your loved one to avoid any embarrassment.

This Foodsniffer ad was just released. In a little over two minutes the woman in the ad along with her male sidekick squeezes in as many sexual references as possible while explaining how using a Foodsniffer could make sure you won’t suffer from any food poisoning.

They say sex always sells so we’ll have to see how well this Foodsniffer ad will sell Foodsniffers. Either way we have to give Foodsniffer a special price for the effort, not much is said in the video that does not reference sex in the most obvious way. Kind of fun and barely safe work work.

About Foodsniffer

The Foodsniffer is a mobile device which able to determine if your food is safe to eat. I’m not sure how this technology work and I haven’t tried out one myself. But if it works as promised it does sound like a great device. Because what is said in the video is true.

Often food poisoning can be avoided if the food is cooked right and although sniffing with your nose is a good tool it doesn’t necessarily mean that the food is good. For more on the Foodsniffer visit their website here.

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