Frozen Vegetables Can Be Sexy Now, at least according to Bonduelle

Frozen Vegetables Can Be Sexy Now

01/03/2019 • Ads

Chances are you didn’t think that frozen vegetables can be sexy, but now they can. At least if you trust Bonduelle who came out with this great set of ads for their frozen and canned products. Let’s take a closer look.

Whenever you think of vegetables or when you see vegetables used in any kind of marketing it is always super fresh, brightly colored slices of tomatoes or lettuce being bounced of burgers or tossed in salads. This is a problem if you’re a company focused on frozen and canned vegetables.

It’s just very very hard to make the opening of a can of corn sexy. Good tasting, sure. Convenient? Absolutely Sex? No way.

Frozen Vegetables Can Be Sexy Now

So how do you market canned corn and beans and frozen green beans? You make them sexy anyway. That’s exactly what vegetable company Bonduelle made in these three ads that have been used on the Ukranian market. So Bonduelle decided that frozen vegetables can be sexy and just went with it.

Well, not really. They just got clever. Marketing vegetables are hard. It is very difficult to be successful with branding with mostly fresh or at least unprocessed foods. Most of us don’t care what the brand is when it comes to frozen beans, we just get frozen beans. The same problem is of course true for fresh vegetables as well.

So this is a fun and creative try from Bonduelle to be a little bit cheeky and fun while promoting their brand in a good way. I really like the ads, and sure there are some shapes that could lean against sexy but nothing out of the ordinary. Just fun if you ask me.

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The campaign was made by NGN Agency in Ukraine. Great work!

Frozen Vegetables Can Be Sexy Now

Frozen Vegetables Can Be Sexy Now

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