Got Milk Commercials – Watch these funny Got Milk Ads

got milk commercials

Got Milk has been going through a tough time in the last few years. Milk is out in many parts of the western world. But Got Milk are looking to turn things around, one part are these cool and funny Got Milk commercials.

Got Milk used to make huge advertising campaigns with classic ads of mostly celebrities caught with a milk mustache. These campaigns were also often made a bit of fun of even though they were quite successful. But that was a long time ago and now Got Milk are taking on all the soft drinks and health waters that are taking away customers from the white stuff.

The idea now is to focus on how well milk can pair with food instead of the health benefits that was often the case before. These two Got Milk commercials are only a small part of the campaign that comes with a brand new Got Milk website and a bigger presence on social media. Watch the commercials below and head over to Got Milk website to see the full campaign.

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