Grapple – the apple that tastes like grapes

12/08/2014 • Food Culture

Have you heard of the Grapple? No, well I hadn’t either until just a little while ago, the Grapple is an apple that have been flavored with grapes and combining the two words grapes and apples worked fine so now Grapple is both the name of this weird flavored fruit (since apples apparently have no taste) and is also a brand name for when the fruit is commercially sold.

According to the company the process and ingredients are FDA and USDA approved but Adam Leith Gollner felt that there were more to this story than simply flavoring an apple. An indeed it was so that is why you should take half an hour out of your day and look at this video.

The video is not only about the Grapple but is also an insight into how the american apple market is doing. If you want to read more on the Grapple you can take a look at their website.


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