Grilled Apple with Serrano ham, a new way to serve Serrano

grilled apple with serrano ham and maple syrup

Grilled apple is a great way to get some variation from the classic Parma ham and cantaloupe, try this way next time instead. We are using a grilled apple and some Spanish Serrano ham instead.

Charcuterie is always a good call when it comes to tapas and one you can´t go wrong with are Spanish serrano ham, a bit saltier and nuttier than parma ham but also cheaper. And since it´s fall and apples are in season especially here in Sweden why not combine some grilled slices of apples with some salty serrano ham.

Grilled apple with serrano ham

tapas 4 servings

2 red apples, firm
4 slices of serrano ham
1 tbsp maple syrup
salt, black pepper
olive oil

Wash and cut the apples so you get 8 pieces like the one on the photo, cut the serrano slices in two lengtwise. Brush the apples with a little bit of olive oil and then grill the apple slices in a grilling pan or on the grill. You want a bit charred on each side and almost cooked through.

When the apples are grilled season them with a pinch of salt and black pepper, then brush them with the maple syrup and then wrap the serrano ham around each piece and serve. Good luck!

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